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    Innovative Group has been providing services to national, multinational organizations, and governmental entities for 22 years.
    IG has customized and tailored programs meeting our client’s special needs on both tracks strategic and cultural.
    Innovative Group is a leading human resources organization founded in Egypt in 2001. 
    Our company specializes in providing soft skills, non-technical training workshops, management, and leadership programs for the corporate business community as well as individual clients. We provide services that allow companies to achieve higher employee productivity, enhanced worker morale, increased employee loyalty, and better retention rates to ultimately create a healthy work environment.




    15 K+



    Services we provide
    On-site and virtual

    Business Coaching
    Life coaching
    Training & Development


    Training and development



    • Examine a set of five key Practices that characterize strong leadership.
    • Fine-tune leadership skills: make them more consistent, more tangible, and more intentional.
    • Examine how these practices can strengthen your approach and progress on current projects and activities.
    • Creating an environment of empowerment
    • Curing negativity in the workplace
    • Organizational change
    • Teamwork
    • Strategic planning
    • Process management


    People management

    • Management of: Personal, Human resources, talents, performance, rewards, competency, employee relationship.
    • Building: Employee behavior, engagement, retention, branding, and satisfaction
    • Workplace efficiency.
    • Training and career development
    • Job analysis and design


    Soft skills

    • Principles of communication and effective listening
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Accountability
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Time management
    • Creative thinking strategies
    • Business writing skills
    • Problem solving
    • Creative decision making
    • Productive meetings
    • Presentation skills
    • Constructing the innovation toolbox



    • Level 1: Green Belt: Reflects the ability to perform powerful plan for customer service and selling skills.
    • Level 2: Blue Belt 2: Reflects the ability to identify and use methods and skills to complete tasks, addresses problems, and taking responsibility at operational level.
    • Level 3: Yellow Belt Reflects: the ability to manage accountable and responsible selling at operational level.
    • Level 4: Brown Belt: Reflects the ability to Gain the theoretical, practical sales and marketing knowledge/skills required to succeed in the workplace.
    • Level 5: Black Belt: reflects the ability to plan and develop courses of action to support important change or development at a strategic level, as well as exercise broad independence and judgment.


    Organizational behavior

    • Management of: Time, conflict, risks and crisis
    • Public relations.
    • Public speaking
    • Business agility
    • Workplace politics and corporate etiquettes
    • Organizational culture and management
    • Personality development
    • Consultancy
    • Leadership and communication



    • Management of: Advertisement, strategies, competency, brand, market, sales, product, retail, communications and relationships
    • Market Research and segmentation
    • Consumer behavior
    • International retailing
    • Service marketing
    • E-Marketing
    • Integrated marketing communications
    • B2B marketing
    • Consultative selling
    • Social research methods
    • Social media marketing



    • Management of: Supply chain, Inventory, business process, projects, production and operations, disaster recovery, and total quality
    • Enterprise planning
    • Database management system
    • Management information system
    • Six sigma



    • Basics of banking and introduction to auditing
    • Assets and Liabilities
    • Derivatives
    • Portfolio and cash management
    • Stocks and Investment
    • Working Capital Management
    • Financial Risk Management
    • Management Information System (MIS)


    Are you…
    Dealing with new challenges? Working towards sustainable goals? Longing for a new awareness? Do you need a coach?
    Our world class coaches will partner with you to:


    You through to more understanding of what lies beneath, exploring further and wider through self-awareness and existing power.


    Exploring your inner power, continuous effort, persistence, planned and determined action, running towards your goals.

    finish line_katerina_limpitsouni

    With your running goals, adapting to constant change, and achieving more successful results with lightness and power, you move forward, awakening your inner GIANT to make the transformation.

    Your partners

    Emmalee Watts

    A certified life & wellness coach from British Columbia, Canada. She has undergone extensive training through the Canada Coach Academy and has had many hours of experience. Emmalee's goal is to partner with individuals who may be struggling in any aspect of their life, whether it's their career, relationships, or even wanting to discover their joy and purpose in the world.

    Diana fulga

    Coaching ​​is my passion, a lifelong learning journey, and a wonderful growth opportunity that allowed me to overcome fears and limiting beliefs, challenge my thinking for a positive mindset, build stronger relationships at home and at work, and achieve new professional milestones through more inquiry, and curiosity, and live authentically. I now want to work with you on your leadership, career, and personal goals, to develop your coaching mindset, for holistic Living, and for intentional and future-proof Leading.

    Hana Nakhla

    A certified life coach from “Canada Coaching Academy”. Through life coaching Hanaa can help you in:

    • Clarifying and progressing your thinking
    • Partner with you to see your direction and in setting goals
    • Raising awareness to create new choices
    • Help you face your fears and take action to make progress in your life


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